About Me

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My Name is Simar Paul Singh. I have been professionally developing software since 2004.
I am also a loved husband and father. Besides code, I like to play tennis and watch movies.
I am fond of reading and most recently even writing. Checkout my technical articles on Medium.

• Presently developing Software AI / ML solution in Finance and Retail Domain
• Full Stack Software Development & Architecture experience (15+ years) in Finance, Retail & Telecom
• Polyglot programmer with strength in Java, JavaScript, ES 6/7, TypeScript, Kotlin, Ruby, Python, Shell
• Strength in building Concurrent & Distributed, Systems in Java, Scala Aka & Node, Redis, Mongo
• Experience in Enterprise technologies (J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, JPA, JBOSS, Ehcache, Infinispan)
• Experience & Interest in JS frameworks, Angular, Ionic, Polymer, React, Ext, Node, Grunt, Gulp, Webpack
• Expert in building CI Systems (Docker, Git, Gradle, Jenkins, Train, BitBucket, Github, CircleCI etc)
• Lead Development of Enterprise Grade, Transactional, Secure (DMZ) Web App in Finance domain
• Developing Clustered Social Media Web App in (Node + Koa.js + Redis + MongoDB) & (React + material-ui)
• Strength & Experience in Information and Web Security (SSL, TLS, HTTPS, Siteminder, OAuth, JWT)
• Developing with Secure Sockets, Encryption, Tokenization, Digital Signatures & Certs (JSSE, Bouncy Castle)
• Developing Cloud Protection & Residency Solution (Tokenization, Encryption) Java / Spring, JS / Angular
• Developing Bean UI & i8ln framework, Java Beans ->spring-> JSON -> angular JS -> UI
• Interest in Machine Learning / AI and built a image classifier in pithing using tensorflow
• Developing Real-time Network, Billing, Rating, Charging, CRM solutions for Carriers in Telecom (2005 - 2013)
• Proficient in REST, XML, SOAP/Web-Services, interface design & development.
• Proficient in SQL / Databases & developing transaction oriented distributed systems.
• Extensively worked on Solaris / Linux/ Unix platforms, JVM tuning & scaling
• Knowledge & experience in Networking (TCP /IP) & developing over TCP/IP Sockets
• Experience on MS Server Platforms, C#/ASP.NET, IIS, Dynamics CRM/Entity Engine, C#/ASP.NET/MVC
• Passionate about Knowledge Sharing. Actively participate & conduct learning sessions

Work Experience

Element AI [2018 - Present]
* Developing AL / ML based product for Financial Industry (Python, Flask, React, Material-UI)
* Developoing an AI Vision based solution Retail Industry (React-Native Mobile App + Django REST / Channels)
* Developing React UI Library and its build / packaging system (material-ui based Component, Themes, Styles)
* Developing Grids & Charts using React, dev-express, Victory-Charts and Material-UI
* Fully Containerized, Cloud Native solution (Docker and Kubernetties)
* CI using Git Flow, Docker, Kubernetties, CircleCi

RBC (ACE Labs) | Investor and Treasury Services [2018]
* Developing Visualization, Analytics & API Publishing Platform (Micro-services Architecture)
* Developing system of SPAs (Angular 4/6) controlled by REST Micro Services (Spring Boot)
* Developing UI catalogue of angular components, directives & services (UI champions team)
* Kotlin, Java 8, Spring Boot, Mongo, Elastic Stack, Kafka, PCF, IBM Bluemix
* TypeScript, Angular 4/5/6 | JWT/JWKS + SSO, Git, Chunking Flow, Docker, Maven, Jenkins, Ensible
* Developing UI catalogue of angular components, directives & services (UI champions team)

Alchemy Systems (bought by Intertec) [2018 - 2016]
* Developing Multi-Tenant SaaS | Retail (Process, Assets, Location, Org., Workflow, Compliance)
* Mobile First / Responsive Web Apps (Angular + Material) over REST Web Services (Spring MVC), Hibernate over MSSQL
* Developed Routine-Task and scheduling which worked over 14 time zones and 40 diffrent locales.
* Developed Calendar-Event & Newsfeed system using bit-manipulation. (recurring and onetime)
* Built Internationalized system for apps to efficiently work in 10+ languages. (jackson-serlizers + angular-translate)
* Advanced Spring, Hibernate, , Jackson SerializersQuartz & Infinispan (L2 Cache) over MSSQL
* Developed Hierarchical Data Access & Security for Multi-Tenancy, Ownership & Geographical segregation.
AngularJS, Material, Apache & Nginx | Git, Forking-Flow, Gulp | Docker

Morgan Stanley [2016 - 2014]
* Leading Development & Architecture of an Enterprize System where external clients manage & digitally sign forex contracts
* Developing Contract (Forex) Management & Signing System with Enterprise Integration
* Java EE 7, Guava Hibernate, Spring, MVC, EhCache, Apache CXF, Tomcat
* JavaScript, ExtJs, AngularJS, SiteMinder
* Digital Singatures with Bouncy Castle

PerspecSys Inc. (now Symantec) [2014 - 2012]
* Developed (Prime) REST clients to fetch metadata and encrypted or tokenize structured data from salesforce instances.
* Developed (in a team of 3) system of Policy Control that identify protected assets based on rules, applies relevant actions to get clear data internally.
* Developed (Prime) a framework that renders and controls state of data objects from UI on web browser (Angular JS) to Data Service (Java E-Bean Store).
* Developed internationalization system integrated into this framework handling internationalization at client side (Browser), with dictionaries available from server.
* Java, JSSE, Guava, Aka (Scala), Apache-HTTP-Components, Linux
* Java, Spring MVC, REST, JavaScript / JQuery / Angular JS, HTML/CSS

Redknee Inc. (now Optiva Inc.) [2012 - 2005]
* Architecture & Implementation of Redknee OSS/BSS Systems API interconnecting with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
* Developed Event and Batch Processors for BSS (Billing Adjustment and Settlement)
* Implemented Batch Processors, for bill cycle Recurring charges. Optimized for Throughput
* Implemented Real time rating and charging systems for telecom (Prepaid Airtime and Wallets)
* Implemented a re-usable java library in Java providing dynamic web effects, like inline validations
* Core member in Active migrations of Digicel Redknee Turnke Solution (major version upgrade)
* Implemented fail-over / fail-back resilience library (CORBA + JacORB based)
* Implemented Simple Text Messaging based applications (SMPP / SMS, USSD)
* Java, Solaris CORBA, RMI, SOAP, Tomcat, Oracle
* JavaScirpt, JQuery, HTML, XML / XSL